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When you take a dump and realise you forgot to refill the toilet paper, so have to duck walk to the cabinet, get the toilet paper and duck walk back.
Person A (in toilet) : Can you get me some toilet paper please?

No reply.

Person A: Oh fuck, im gonna have to suck it up and do the duck walk.
by sirfiendsalot July 13, 2010
(v) to move a motorcycle while sitting on the seat and 'walking' the bike by pushing with alternate feet while the other foot stays on the ground. This is considered very bad form and a sign of an unskilled rider.
That guy can't ride: He had to duckwalk his bike up to the gas pump.
by paddywhack June 27, 2009
Easy to accomplish. Trivial. Used in the 1983 movie "Scarface" (with Al Pacino) as a substitute for the term "cake walk."
Let me tell you, it ain't no duck walk.
by Alan Pacino September 13, 2006
A man just got new kicks, he walks very carefully, toes pointed out, to not step on anything while keeping the shoe toes from creasing.
What's up with him? Awe, see his new Jordan's, he's doin the duck walk, gotta keep those puppies fresh.
by Hmmmmmm! September 26, 2015
spell it
angus yong best gutar player ever does the duckwalk
by idiot on a stick October 24, 2003
When you accidentally shit a little but catch the shit nugget between your cheeks by squeezing your ass tight to hold it until a shitter can be reached.
Chet farted but accidentally shit instead and had to hold to duck walk to bathroom to keep from letting the shit out.
by mtothephillips July 04, 2010
chris durante's walk
* group of students lookin at foot prints in the mud *
student a) look these foot prints were made by a duck
student b ) noo they dont have webbed feet but they sure do go out
teacher ) sorry yung childern that is chris durante's foot steps
by mayfield haters August 09, 2003
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