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All round good guy. Intelligent, Handsome, Wonderful.
Wow, he's a real Dubster of a guy.
by El-Tio February 19, 2003
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One that proudly owns a Volkswagen, VDUB! More specifically, one that proudly owns a GTI.
I just got a new Volkswagen, now I'm an official Dubster.
#vdub #v dub #dubsster #dubsterr #duvster
by Hyprr July 10, 2012
The presidents edition of the dictionary.
Let me check Dubsters for any new additions to the english language such as Defis
#defis #dubya #dictionary #websters #president
by Dubya Bush May 28, 2008
The 2011 Version of the Hipster, the Dubster mixes that hip ass style with the musical styling of dubstep.
Taylor Dodds is a Dubster
#hipster #douche #douchester #dubstep #garbage
by jaymuzic July 12, 2011
One who feels the need to be pretentious in regards to dubstep and other forms of EDM. May be accompanies by grunts of "They were awesome before they went mainstream" and "Dude, the remix is so much better."
"deadmua5 was awesome before everyone knew about him. Now he sucks."

"Dude, stop being such a fucking dubster."
#dubstep #hipster #dubster #edm #music
by germdiletto September 02, 2011
The unfortunate evolution of the hipster. Grown from a predilection for dubstep as a child.
Damn all these dubster children, Yo. How old am I?
#dubstep #dubster #hipster #nk@tc #dub #electro #fag
by foureyedg June 22, 2011
A former nice guy. Now turned to the horrible world of cocaine and poor movies starring Vin Diesel.
His life has gone down hill in the past two years. He's a proper Dubster now.
by putteand May 29, 2003
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