A rich upper class suburb northwest of Columbus Ohio full of rich white kids who go around saying made up catch phrases like "SAME" or "OH DUB" while walking around the golf course with their collars popped.
Mike : Hey guys lets go drive my new car around the roundabout in Dublin
Theo : Oh DUB
Mike : Then we can go play golf
Theo : Same
by ThenamesT September 25, 2005
A city in Ireland.

At best it resembles the run down part of somewhere really average. If you took "Kings Cross" of London and made it more grotty, horrible and generally shit, it would still be better then Dublin.

A pint will cost you a years wages, and all the traditional Irish pubs have Bar Staff from some other grotty country in Europe (Note; where they come from is still almost certainly nicer than Dublin by default)
Question: "Why don't we go for a lovely Holiday in Dublin?"

Answer: "No"
by Friedbabyandchips July 13, 2009
The best suburb of columbus. the home of dublin high school (now called dublin coffman) where the students get F'd as N's and drive 270 laughing at all the surrounding communities that arent dublin. it's basically just like the high school in the movie Dazed and Confused but even more lawless (Cosmos = The Emporium). Cosmo magazine voted it "best annorexic chicks in the midwest" Basically its the only city in central ohio where a man can get a decent hard-on.
im from dublin and ive banged more chicks than the whole city of upper arlington combined
by mitch cramer November 30, 2006
After 6 days of hard work, God had a few minutes to spare. He looked at all the left over crap from his labours and thought, what the fuck am i gonna do wer all this shit thats left over. He gathered it all up and chucked it to the side. Some years later cavemen arrived on the east coast of Ireland in boats made out of tree trunks and found Gods unwanted crap and called it Dublin. Since those days all the human crap produced in Ireland has somehow made its way to Dublin. Today we know this crap as, Dubliners.

How to spot a Dubliner. Copy and paste the following: 33, show it to some one in Dublin and ask them to read it out loud. If they say turty tree then they are indeed the crap God rejected.

Dubliners are usually lazy and ugly. Avoid the "Liberties" at all costs because its full of low life scallies...No on reflection avoid all of Dublin but if you cannot avoid the place you better have all the cash reserves of Fort Knocks in your pocked and be prepared to pay a million times more for stuff than anywhere else in the world.

If you do visit Dublin then remember, the only good Dubliner is a dead Dubliner.
Dublin, fuck off, i aint stupid enough to go there and if i was i would rather be hanged, drawn and quartered for my stupidity.
by undisclosed desires February 25, 2010
is a suburb of columbus where jackass fratboys drive around in their daddys Mercedes or in the case of pete whitman in his dads suburban knocking peoples trashcans over and abusing those less spoiled.
blaring rap music plays on a street in dublin - Pete Whitman pulls up HEY FUCKERS! FUCK YOU MAN! HAHAHAHA FUCKERS!
by idontwannahurt October 05, 2005
Although the capital city of Ireland; most of it's D4, Blackrock, Castleknock inhabitants and Trinity Alumini wish that it was part of Britain and like to think that they are superior to those that are from "the sticks" (i.e. anywhere that's not D4 and Castleknock).
Dublin is full of west Brit wankers.
by Brian Boru January 05, 2006
Dublin is a large upperclass suburb off of Columbus filled with snotty "rich" kids (bassically who think they are the shit because their parents went bankrupt to take them shopping.) Their heads are bigger then their pocket books, and the only thing they have to show for is the creation of Wendys. Confirm the stereotype of rich, snotty, DUMB, blondes and shallow guys with sicks in their ass. You a gold digger? You like fake women with boughten tits and bottle blonde hair? This is the place for you!
Tai- Hey Im getting botox in Dublin today!
Kelly- really? I thought you were getting a nose job today?
Tai- aren't they the same thing?
Kelly- oh yeah I forgot...
by RichieCG December 06, 2005
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