Israeli slang for a fat chick. - also an Israeli dub band.
your momma is such a dubba!
by abuanthar September 14, 2006
Top Definition
From the root word Duh.

1. One who spaces out all the time
Frequently drug induced

2. Acting ignorant or stupid in a given situation
Look, here comes Dubba Willey.

I dubbaed out my car keys after that bong hit.

Was commonly used in Rockville, MD during the mid to late seventies.
by StH April 24, 2005
Coastal New England slang for a person of laconic personality, dry wit, and slow-paced rural lifestyle. Often used in affectionate manner, as between friends.
How's it goin' dubba? Hey, dub!
by RM Smith July 28, 2006
Being a bonehead,idiot
Heavely used in Newburyport,MA
Your a dubba
by Danny May 07, 2004
An empty box(literal) in empty mind. Foolish.
He's such a dubba, why do you think he's in such a state now?
by Kunal February 05, 2004
Dubba(s) is any extra chins you or someone elsa may have.
Tweaked your dubba! (To tweak one's dubba you must pinch it)
by Monkmaster September 25, 2005
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