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a greeting. as in hello or hi. common in the Nottm area of UK and the Midlands. is often followed by the word 'me duck'.
Ayup me duck. hows your mam?
by dee October 13, 2003
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Exclam. A greeting, hello. (Midlands/North use. Dialect)
"Ay-up, mate!"
by Dylan Hewson April 15, 2005
a term used to greet to someone who lives in the north west of England.
'ay up lad you reet'
by meee1 August 21, 2006
Northern English word of greeting, surprise or warning.

Etymology: from Old Norse "Se Upp" meaning 'look up' or 'watch out'.
Greeting: Ayup, ow's tha gooin?
Surprise: Ayup! What's this then?
Warning: Ayup, mind thi eead!
by Beery March 11, 2009
an affirmation used by natives of Maine; confirmation of agreement
"Ayup, she's a gem, that girl is."
by DrLeathers October 04, 2004
barnsley dialect
generally used as a greeting but can also be used as an expression of shock, or to ask someone how they are.

"You have one word that means Hello, How are you, Whats this, Hang on a minute and bloody hell! (Ayup..)"

"ayup are tha lekkin"

"ayup?! whats tha chelpin for?!"
by emmarelda October 20, 2006
also used as far south as the midlands!

meaning..."look out" or "look who's here"..."look what's happened"
"ay up!", look who just walked in

"ay up!", it's pissin' it down
by stuchka March 02, 2009

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