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The view while hanging under a parachute canopy
Bob's parasite gave him a great view of the action
by lisa_urban May 17, 2008
(UK Usage) - Almost Insane, usually in a socially acceptable manner. Often used to describe the behaviour expected of some (rural) old money families and more a likable eccentricity than a true mental disfunction.
By god, their all barking mad, colonel!... See if they'd like to come for supper next week when we have the Hybrid-Smyths over. I think they'll all get on famously.
by lisa_urban May 19, 2008
From the greek (hy - meaning superior) and the latin (bred - meaning 'of breeding') hybred literally means, of superior breeding.
For the real definition see the real spelling hybrid
Prince Charles is hybred (see also environmentally friendly green modern man) - not to be confused with inbred
by lisa_urban May 18, 2008
The unintentional mortal wounding of one lumberjack by another.
The causing of a fatal axe wound
Bob's head was seperated from his body in a terrible axident.
by lisa_urban May 17, 2008
The lesser known Rural Chav displays the same characteristics as the regular (or common) Chav, the major difference being that the Rural Chav lives in a village rather than a town or suburb and probably has furry dice in his/her tractor rather than a "hot hatch" and styles their hair with lard.
If one were to draw a comparison between Chavs and Pigeons, the pigeons you find in rural woodland (akin to Rural Chavs) carry less diseases than their urban cousins (The Common Chav) but are still essentially flying rats!
by lisa_urban May 16, 2008
Tall leather wellington boots with Gore-Tex inner manufactured by the same Irish company who make dubes deck shoes. The Dubarry's (leather wellingtons) are more prevelant in the UK than in Ireland and while still a status symbol and commonly worn by sloane Rangers these boots are also widely worn by real country folk, horse people and even some chavs.
Sloan Ranger usage: Darling, did I leave my Dubarry's in the back of your Range Rover, there's a puddle outside Oriels?

Common Coloq Usage (UK): Where the f***k's me Duubries - it's pissing cats and dogs out ere and there's mud up to me fanny!
by lisa_urban May 16, 2008
To reach ones objective by way of standing patiently in line (in a queu)
Doris finally reached the post office counter peculiarly
by lisa_urban May 17, 2008

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