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a company started in Delaware by a French dude named DuPont (what a surprise). today, it's an international company that sells chemicals and shit.
My dad was laid off from DuPont Pharmacutical when Britol bought it up.
by Laird December 09, 2003
It is no surprise that Dupont is a reference to being gay, which is exactly what this tiny growth of development off interstate 5 is. Due to the proximity to the city, this makes Dupont nothing more than a bedroom community. All high schools are gross and clique oriented near Dupont. Leisure times includes going to Lakewood Mall or doing drugs.
Tom: There is nothing to do in Dupont!

Sandy: I knowwww!
#dupont #lacey #washington #steilacoom #lakewood
by Colbyyy January 28, 2009
Reference to being gay/homosexual in appearance or behavior; Referring to the area in Washington DC, Dupont Circle.
"Wow he is looking quite fruity today."
"Yeah, straight up Dupont."
#gay #homo #mo #fruity #fruit
by Marco M August 25, 2007
n., anyone who is a total fox

v., the act of making love
Did you see Gina today, she was a complete dupont.

I dunno, I'd rather dupont Christine.
by me March 02, 2005
extremely homosexual; derived from dupont circle in Washington DC
a man walks past with shorty shorts on and a toy poodle
"Dupont like shit"
#gay #queer #homosexual #alternative #dupizzy
by trustkevin upton August 27, 2007
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