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An actual martial arts style that requires just the right amount of alcohol to work. Since alcohol numbs the nerves, it makes the martial artist feel less pain while opening up a can of whupass.
A kickass movie made by Jackie Chan. The fighting moves were later incorporated into a Tekken fighting game character named Lei Wu Long who, coincidentally, looks just like Jackie Chan.
A bunch of villains getting the shit beat out of them by a drunk guy. Now THAT's fucking hilarious. Drunken Master rules!
by AYB September 24, 2003
When Tracy tries to go for a couple of drinks after work and then go to Kickboxing class. Thats when she falls on her ass because she's shitfaced.
Tracey, your still going to kickboxing after having 2 Martini's. What do you think you are a Drunken Master.
by john September 18, 2003