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A bruise you get when you are drunk, but do not notice until the next morning or days later.
I woke up this morning with a druise on my arm.
#drunk #bruise #hungover #druse #ouch
by MrkM April 05, 2010
dip-cruise. Riding in a car while having a dip, chew, chaw daddy, hag, chawski, lipper, bomb, waddy, etc.
Hey Stildo, would you like to join me for a druise?
#dip #chew #chaw #lipper #chewing tobacco
by chaw daddy October 18, 2012
The act of being the best thing in the universe and being better than everything forever.
Ian and the Devil were holding hands when Evan decided to druise it up and beat them both at everything forever.
#best #better #fantastic #1337 #great
by Bogby March 08, 2010
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