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Taking a combination of different narcotics and/or stimulants, adjusting the mix until the desired effect or psychological balance is required.
I'm druggling coffee, diamorphine and crystal meth until this crunch is finished.
by itsbruce May 06, 2011
A slang term for the highly illegal act of Drug Smuggling. Brought about as being a hybrid name for the act.
A Colombian business man was today indicted for being the ring leader in a highly lucrative druggling operation.
by bonio3101 January 02, 2010
A mixture of smuggling and drugs to produce the job describtion of a person who smuggles drugs. "Drugglers" are often found flying single prob planes from columbia to North America.
Alright mate I'm druggling a couple of kilos across the boarder so I wont be back for a few days.
by Smiling Assasin August 29, 2005
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