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1. noun: a task made infinitely more difficult by a state of intoxication; a drunken fail; from the combination of the words "drunk" and "struggle."
2. verb: to struggle drunkenly with a normally easy task.
1. "Did you see Sara's attempt at tying her shoes? That was a druggle if I ever saw one."
2. "Every day I'm drugglin'."
by SluttyPumpkin October 31, 2011
DRUG-uhl, v.

To cope with a difficult situation by using drugs, alcohol, medications, etc.
-Wow, Shaquita is really out of it.
-Yeah, she's been druggling with the death of her cat lately.

-Oh man, it's going to be a big druggle to get through this weekend when I go visit my family
by MandaWooWoo July 06, 2011
(Verb) Drunk snuggling; May occur after a long night of drinking with a friend of the opposite sex
"Man, I was so hammered the other night, I druggled with Fred, WTF?!"
by Sobak March 24, 2008
Verb. To smuggle drugs.
Dude, my neighbor in Lynden, WA had a tunnel under their house from Canada to druggle through.
by woogirl2000 March 09, 2009
Druggles are people who are very new to drugs. They tend to lose their heads and always need to be taken care of. Druggles can also be people who are afraid of or protest against drug usage.
Liberty: "Those Druggles just told me that taking E was like smashing my head with a bag full of bricks."
Cronie: "Dude, Druggles don't have any idea what they're saying."
by Prasta October 28, 2011
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