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Awesome band on Black & Greene label. Thomas Allen and Sarah Cronin met in 2006 while working at the Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA. After trading secret demos of their own songs, Tommy persuaded Sarah to combine forces. They spent their first date drinking whiskey in bed and playing each other songs on an old guitar. They've been inseparable ever since. Several months later, they christened themselves "Drug Rug," a name which has made strangers laugh and parents cry. Drug Rug began as an acoustic duo in the vein of the Everly Brothers and The Carter Family. Over the course of three or four shows Drug Rug evolved into a rock band with a revolving cast of friends and family. Their early rock and roll sound can be attributed to such influences as The Velvet Underground, The Byrds, and most importantly, the Paul and Linda McCartney record "RAM".
Drug Rug -
by Bostongirl February 07, 2009
47 84
Another term for bajas which were popular back in the day, often found in left leaning hippie establishments such as the now defunct Earth Traders in the Poughkeepsie Galleria.
While perusing the local thrift store, I happened upon a purple baja, otherwise known as a drug rug which was the perfect fashion accessory for the upcoming spring tour.
by Danny Boy December 30, 2004
258 96
The drugrug is culturally and texturally similar to a poncho, but usually has sleeves, a hood, and a pocket, in which marijuana and other substances may be stashed (hence the name "drugrug". Drug-rugs are popular among hippies and tourists in Mexico, and are extremely comfortable and durable.
I wore my sweatshirt home, because my drugrug still reeks of pot.
by rugs_not_hugs February 25, 2006
127 24
a really unique article of clothing. they're usually striped and are called baja hoodies. they're usually lose fitting and are really comfortable. they're worn by both sexes. people who wear them know how to enjoy life. call us hippies, we don't care. we just love.
Call me a hippie because I wear a drug rug, either way I'm more happy than you.
by likes a purple smell March 02, 2009
219 152
an article of clothing typically worn by the "druggie" or "hippie" crowd as a symbol of their free-spiritedness or non- conformity. when in actuality, it simply marks them as stoners.

the drug rug is also know as a baja sweater and closely resembles a woven carpet (hence the term "rug"). it commonly smells of marijuana, incense and body odor.

it can usually be found paired with a pair of cutoff denim shorts and a bob marley t-shirt.
stoner- yo dude, i was making a pipe in art class and got some clay on my drug rug.

other stoner- nothin' a little weed won't fix, man.
by jollygyna February 05, 2011
131 108
A hooded sweatshirt typically made of thick cotton or hemp material. Such a sweatshirt is often associated with 420 or Weed culture, since they are most often worn by heavy marijuana users.
"Woah, that stoner is rocking a gnarly Drug Rug."
by ManGirlwhhaaat January 19, 2012
42 47
A dirty poncho like garment that is sported by nasty drug addicts, adorned most often by the homeless and hispanics.
Karah and I could tell the guy was a meth addict by the filthy drugrug he was wearing.
by Ditz December 05, 2005
17 162