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(v). To double-check the facts of what someone else has said, esp from someone who has a reputation for being wrong.
Mike: Alex told me that Australia is bigger than North America. That's not right is it?

Ted: Better droogle that one....
#wrong answer #compulsive liar #misinformednessl #falsinator #wrong
by Forte&Gospel January 04, 2011
The last couple of hits on a spliff
Hey, cunty! Save me the droogles on that doobie!
#joint #ganja #weed #cannabis #blunt
by The Turtle's Head October 12, 2007
A contraction of "drool" + "ogle" -- to drool while ogling an attractive person. Commonly used as a form of lascivious flattery.
Dan's single word post at Alex's newly posted photo on Facebook said it all -- "Droogle!"
#drool #ogle #lascivious #lecherous #flattery #compliment #sexual harassment #fugly
by Konundrummer November 04, 2011
Drunken googling - the cyber version of drunken dialing
After drinking too much Suzie droogled her ex to see what he was up to.
#drunken #dialing #google #stalking #dating
by Cocoa-Nut September 21, 2007
droogles means the little solid bits in diarieha, to be droogled means that u have been covered in the stuff. it is also an instult. --this definition was added on fridat 23 july 2004. so it is my copy right! lol.
"man my diarehas going away im getting tonnes of droogles" or "man youreacting like a complete droogle" or "hahaha you got droogled!!!"
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