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Either a Pro Hormone or Designer Steroid, that has drol at the end of the name: Superdrol, Halodrol, Furzadrol, Methyl-Drol, etc.
Hey man you looking a lot bigger are you taking drol?
by Juggernaut LaRue August 16, 2008
Afrikaans term for a turd, piece of shit, etc. Can also be used to describe a badly rolled joint, or to insult a person.
Dammit! I stepped on a drol now I've got shit all over my shoes!

This joint is not going down too good here man! For fuck sake Greg, you rolled a real drol dude!!

I'm telling you, Greg can't roll a lekker marley! He is a groot drol!!

by Serpent Tongue August 31, 2006
Lord backwards, but also the meaning for 'turd' in dutch.
coincidence? See religion
by t0m3x May 20, 2004
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