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A Yearbookian dork; one who knows the propper way to skirt deadlines and still end up with a great product; a person who knows the color of a cropping pencil
1) "You know more fonts than a drok."
2) "What do you mean those three periods in a row are called an ellipse?! You're such a drok!"
by Dalboz August 16, 2003
4 25
A state of intoxication brought about by excessive gaming
" so drok after playing 18 hours of cs. source"
by Gus, Chris, Blue, Robert December 19, 2006
40 19
same thing as dork, but as in daisy drok, a dumb person.
a person that has no common sense and is blond
not very intelligent.
shut up daisy drok
by Superbutt April 12, 2009
6 19
a nickname or aka for the name derek.
Drok rocks this example.
by drok roks April 27, 2006
16 33
when you are talking to a very sweet and pretty girl, trying to say that you are a "dork" and you screw up and instead of "dork" you put "drok".

reference: see "dork"
i am such a DROK....dangit i mean DORK
by bryant February 27, 2005
23 44
a wild card, can be used for every word in the english dictionary.
go drok yourself.

well, im off to drok.

karan's such a drok.

go drok yourself you droking mother drokker.
by panic July 01, 2004
11 32