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1. The opitome of confusion in scrabble. The loss of sanity while playing scrabble.
2. An exclamation mid-orgasm.
AEPA!!!!!!!!!!! (screech)
by Dalboz March 19, 2004
A Yearbookian dork; one who knows the propper way to skirt deadlines and still end up with a great product; a person who knows the color of a cropping pencil
1) "You know more fonts than a drok."
2) "What do you mean those three periods in a row are called an ellipse?! You're such a drok!"
by Dalboz August 16, 2003
very very bright colors that pop out at ya, such as neon lights, over-saturated colors on an LCD screen, or someone's yellow t-shirt in sunlight
Whoa! That background is really bouge!
by Dalboz July 28, 2003
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