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A state of intoxication brought about by excessive gaming
" so drok after playing 18 hours of cs. source"
by Gus, Chris, Blue, Robert December 19, 2006
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same thing as dork, but as in daisy drok, a dumb person.
a person that has no common sense and is blond
not very intelligent.
shut up daisy drok
by Superbutt April 12, 2009
a wild card, can be used for every word in the english dictionary.
go drok yourself.

well, im off to drok.

karan's such a drok.

go drok yourself you droking mother drokker.
by panic July 01, 2004
A Yearbookian dork; one who knows the propper way to skirt deadlines and still end up with a great product; a person who knows the color of a cropping pencil
1) "You know more fonts than a drok."
2) "What do you mean those three periods in a row are called an ellipse?! You're such a drok!"
by Dalboz August 16, 2003
when you are talking to a very sweet and pretty girl, trying to say that you are a "dork" and you screw up and instead of "dork" you put "drok".

reference: see "dork"
i am such a DROK....dangit i mean DORK
by bryant February 27, 2005
A swear word used primarily by Judge Dredd in the UK comic 2000AD. An approximate synonym would be "damn", "shit", "crap", "bollocks" or any other mild (ish) swear word appropriate to the 1980s.
"The crim's escaped." "Drok!"
"What the drok are we going to do?"
by Milandermorgan May 25, 2016
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