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Fucked the shit out of a bitch
Man, Ty, you drilled that fuckin' cum-guzzling whore.
by HJTY September 02, 2003
104 24
someone that is on the verge of passing out... (being so drunk)
you were sooo drilled at that party last night
that vodka got me so drilled
by soph:) August 02, 2011
12 6
Getting fairly severely yelled at, getting told, getting put in yo place.
Yo, Clockus just drilled the funk out of me!
Stebbo was so late to class... he got drilled!
You're going to get drilled if yo don't submit that chem assignment!
by Skitz Kid May 15, 2008
17 13
heavily inebriated or intoxicated
Lets go get drilled.

Jack went to the party and got so drilled last night!

by Angel C May 18, 2008
29 26
being hit hard by something
john lennon met up with his mother after being orphaned by her for 19 years soon after they were reunited she was drilled by a car
27 26
Destroyed, conquered, or dominated. Most commonly used after a pummeling. Usually a pummeling of small italian people.
"Man, got drilled"
by Mahm March 18, 2003
15 24