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{v. intr.} to laugh unintentionally at the same time as taking a sip of ones drink, so as to create a bubble pool in said drink. The word is an amalgamation of the words Drink and Giggle. This is often done at parties where amusing stories will occur alongside communal alcohol consumption, although the act of driggling is not solely exclusive to alcoholic beverages.

{n.} the bubbling action that comes as a direct result of driggling.
Mike's comedy timing was such that it caused Bronwen to driggle uncontrollably.

There is no act so unrefined or as so repulsive as to driggle at the dining table.
#drink #giggle #laugh #bubble #funny
by mikeymoo1980 November 02, 2010
When someone drunk cannot stop laughing. Drunk Giggles.
Look at Keith over there, he's got the driggles.
#laughter #drunk #giggle #party #hammered
by Rmcgowa4 September 29, 2010
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