Bronwen, it is a name meaning "White Breats". Alot of immature, ignorant people enjoy making fun of that name, all of you who do are morons, get a life. I would just like to say that I find it to be a very nice name, despite it's meaning. Plus, its not like Bronwens chose the name you stupid morons. So cut the crap, idiots.
My friend Bronwen is a wonderful, beautiful caring person.
by AnonymousFACE May 03, 2006
The name translates as "White Breast". Being that it is an old name, coming from a time when the essence of beauty was the swell of a woman's breast, and the fairer the skin, the more beautiful; you might translate it in today's language as "Fair Beauty".

Just a side note- The name Bronwen; Bronwyn can be for either a boy or a girl. The spelling indicates which gender the bearer is. The -wen spelling indicates a female, and -wyn indicates a male.
Bronwen was a strong beautiful woman, with great poise and elegance.
by Bronwen's mom February 03, 2010
meaning 'white breast' in welsh it is thus obviously a woman or man with large white breasts.the name is humorous as when shouting after a friend called bronwen in wales you will be standing in the street shouting "white breast!" or could just be kept as a private joke between parents with a young child who doesnt understand welsh.
sorry Bronwen it had to be said. love you still my darling sister. hahahahahahaha!!!
English interpretation. "ooii Bronwen"
translation into welsh
"ooii breasts"
by Bronwen's sister October 05, 2005
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