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Major asshole with a serious superiority complex. Has somehow magically obtained the ability to go into the future to see box office results. Trolls at movie boards and then gets surprised and angry when he gets in trouble. Like I said, a major asshole.
Dream and Nightmare is such an asshole prick. I hope he dies.
by Black Angel November 02, 2003
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DaN is a major asshole from the GameFAQs message boards who thinks he's god. He constantly talks about how Roland Emmerich should be condemed to Barney's playpen just because his movies aren't artsy and boring studies of life's very meaning. He also likes to lie--at one time, he promised to close his account and leave GameFAQs forever if Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ did more than $70 million during it's first five days. It ended up doing over $120 million over those five days, but he NEVER closed his account. Like I said, he is an asshole and deserves to be buttseck by LUEshi.
Roland Emmerich >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gigli > Dream and Nightmare
by vgerx May 28, 2004
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