When a girl who wishes to pleasure a man sexually feels she is unable to engage in conventional intercourse due to the limits of the menstrual cycle, to offer anal sex as an alternative
She was on the rag, so she flipped over we did the drayton.
by Asim July 25, 2003
Top Definition
striaght up sexy, all the chicks dig him most guys want 2 be him but they cant cuz they arent good enough if your a drayton be lucky you are cuz u must get bitches
"fuck man i wish i could be a drayton."
by gggfgfgf November 02, 2011
One of the male sex, born without the ability to pronounce consonants articulately. Often, Draytons are found loitering round the UK, hollering about their curious affection towards sofas. They're most commonly found with a thick wad of cash strapped to their girdle.
Man: What's that, Drayton?
Drayton: I rea--y li-e Han-ah's sofa
by CharlesSaatchi April 01, 2010
To Drayton is to defecate on the toilet, in front of your significant other whilst he/she is bathing or otherwise engaging in self cleansing rituals.
1.Finish your Drayton and come join me in the bath.

2.Get into the shower now, so I can Drayton.

3.Typical relationship conversation:
Man: 'Where are we in our relationship?'
Woman: 'I don't know, how do you feel?'
Man: '...Lets Drayton.'

4.I think I love you...wanna Drayton?
by Amy got Draytoned.....again May 01, 2011
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