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Baggy, pleated, high-wasited trousers more or less based on the mainstream men's style popular from the late 1930's to mid 1950's. An extreme, close at the ankle version of these trousers was an integral part of a zoot suit.
Check out the reet pleats on my new drapes.
by Dan O. December 07, 2005
19 29
To rob or steal quickly in an inner city- usually accompanied by an unnecessary beating. The act of drapsing someone can be a planned ambush attack or an opportunistic hit.
My man Neil had his phone snatched when he was out walking and gave chase (with the help of a supposedly helpful passer-by, who said he knew of the offender). The chase led into a wooded area of a park...but when they caught up with thief, the sitution turned poor for my man as the "helpful" passer-by turned on him. Others poorly emerged from nearby bushes and proceeded to drapes my man of funds and his watch whilst administating a needless beating.
by The Extractor May 20, 2006
155 52
A rebel. Opposite of a square. Taken from John Water's classic film Crybaby
My daughter is a good little girl she would never be seen with one of those drapes!
by skept February 07, 2005
136 39
To drag or forcibly remove someone from where they are, usually a vehicle or a chair. Usually followed by a par of some sort, generally the removal of ones belongings, although being drapes'd is a par in its own right.

Made popular by Tempa T in song Next Hype.

"Man went toilet and came back and one fossy was in my seat. So obviously I had to drapes man."
by El-Negro September 25, 2011
16 9
A synonym for Swag steezy or whatever ..
"Yo Bro That shirt is mad Drape "
"I'm Draped As Fuck with my Jordan Concords"
by saaaywaht December 23, 2011
8 5
The act of a female lightly dangling their floppy labia on someone's face. This is the female equivalent of teabagging.
That girl drapes everybody when they pass out.
by PootPoot June 27, 2014
1 0
Shortened version of Dance Rape. When someone dances in your personal space, and it is unwanted.
Every time Ashley hits the dance floor, she gets draped by all the ugly guys.
by Beetotch January 19, 2014
2 2
To Drape= To hang. Originated from the word "drape" like drapes that hang on windows.

To whore around.
I like to drape on my best friends boyfriend. NBD.
by Hoagie1234 June 06, 2011
3 3