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A sagging set of testicles brought on by advancing age or extreme nut sack lifting. Early onset Dralls for men between the ages of 20-35 is most common in Japan where lifting heavy objects with ones private parts is equaled in respect to an American frat boy adapting common household apparatuses as a container for beer, whisky or a combination of both.
Man 1: Hey, what happened to your nuts?

Man 2: They got stretched out because I am involved with extreme genital lifting/old.

Man 1: Man, those are some Dralls.

Man 2: I know.

Man 1: I mean, I've seen some saggy nuts before, but your Dralls are intense man.

Man 2: Yes. Thank you. I know I have Dralls. My parents died when I was 8. Would you like to talk about that too?

Man 1: Nah. I just want to make fun of your goofy looking Dralls.
by Boom Dog July 29, 2009
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