The operative word in the conservative political cartoon website: The Draking Point >>.

The website's name was first derived from The Far Side, or Where the Sidewalk Ends, as the author wanted an element of extremity. Seeing that his favorite titleThe Breaking Point was already taken, he then turned his own rhyming name into a gerund under what is now known as "The Draking Point >>."
by Adamantinarx1234 April 28, 2009
Top Definition
A word originated from the rapper/singer Drake to describe when someone is behaving very emotional. Drunk texting or calling ex girlfriends/boyfriends is a main example of Draking.
I cried all night i swear i was draking.

I didn't mean to text you i was just draking
by Aleczander September 22, 2013
Draking is a slang word for being depressed, sad, lonley, and just plain miserable. It derived from a frequent miserable poster who had the screen name "drake".
Dude, I'm so draking right now. My life sucks.
by Adams_babymomma February 08, 2008
Listening to Drake because you miss your ex or for pleasure. Especially his new album #NWTS
Guy: I miss her man
Friend: drake through it man

Friend: why so emo?
Guy:I've been draking man

Draking through this whole damn day!
by fresco_mamasita October 20, 2013
Term used when you're feeling sad, or missing your ex. Term mostly used when listening to rapper "drake" . "draking" will make you miss anyone who was once in your life. From the most important person, the most irrelevant person.
Boy : damn, this might sound weird but i miss my ex who cheated on me
Friend: just start draking man..remember.. drake understands when no one else does.

Boy: i miss (ex's name) i just wanna text her and tell her i miss her
Friend: dont man.. just listen to drake he understands you.
by Kevin▲ August 11, 2014
The act of laying in bed listening to the rapper/singer Drake, when you miss a significant other.
"Man I miss Jessica so much, I ended up draking all night."
by WeekndDance December 01, 2015
Something in between singing and talking. Not full-on singing, but not quite rapping either.
Guy A: "Hey man, let's do kareoki tonight."
Guy B: "Awe man, I can't sing worth a damn."
Guy A: "Don't sweat it, bro, I don't sing either. I usually just start Draking through the whole song."
Drake Monotone Vocal
by greg78x January 10, 2016
When you're dancing Drake-style
Ever since I left the city, Kevin G won't stop draking.
by BitchyBilly April 03, 2016
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