Fantasy Definition: Dragon Rider. Hero of Legend who rides upon the back of a dragon, communicates with them, and possesses great power. The highest Dragoon is the Dragon Lord, Master of Dragons. Dragoon can also possess the incredible powers to jump incomprehensible distances into the air. They often use these abilities to crush their opponents with weapons such as a lance or spear which combined with their mounts tends to crush their opponents immediately. Dragoon's also possess amazing powers of magic and the forces of nature, the link they posses between their dragon companions, to whom they are raised from birth, give them fathomless powers to control space and time. It is recommended that if you run into battle against dragoon, you flee; there is no hope for victory.
Aldine: "Shit! The Dragon Lord and his army of Dragoon's are coming; launch the anti-dragon weapons now!!!"
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1. A strong and noble warrior with a lance and blue armor that can jump on people. (Final Fantasy)
2. A unit made when a dead zealot's body is placed in the cold shell of a dragoon so the zealot can live again. A privelage only given to great warriors. (Starcraft)
3. A human with a dragon spirit (D. Spirit) recieved by defeating the dragon and/or earning it. Can only be used by destined people. Allows the human to transform into a human-dragoon hybrid. (Legend of Dragoon)
1. Black Mage: Bolt 3! Dragoon: Jump!
2. Zealot: My life for Aiur! Dragoon: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, *phoom!*
3. Dart (Dragoon): Flaaaaame.... SHOT! Rose: Die! More and more!
by Zackarotto September 10, 2003
Real Defination:
heavly armored inafantry man that reighned the 17 hundereds to the 18 hundreds.

Fantasy defination:
Almight warrior who slays dragons + has some powers of dragons
Commdander Bob: Send in the Dragoons to get those Musketeers!

Dragoon Jeff:
by Xier December 10, 2003
a heavily armored cavalryman.
Who knws how the term dragoon came about. Howerver The cavalry men it refers to usually wielded Muskets.
by Light Joker August 21, 2004
A cavalryman, most famous during the 17 and 1800s. Typically wore no armor except a helmet depending on their respective regiments. Carried a carbine and saber to battle. Famous dragoon regiments include the 13th Light Dragoons or "Green Dragoons" as they became known, they are featured in the American film "The Patriot." The 2nd Dragoon Guards "Scots Greys", famous for their grand charge at Waterloo which was devastating but they were forced to flee by French lancers, Belgian Hussars (light cavalry) held the lancers off but at great cost. Other famous dragoon regiments include the French Empress Dragoons.
Teacher: Today we are going to learn about the Green Dragoons under Banastre Tarleton, who during the Revolutionary War, was known for his cold brutality yet gentlemanly composure.
by TheDaftestPunk February 08, 2012
Holy rock and roll, let's step away from the game console and come back to reality for a bit. REAL DEFINITION: A dragoon is an elite member of the military forces, most notably with respect to cavalry. It is somewhat obsolete these days. The British and and the Americans both had them in the War of 1812.
do a frappin google search
by santa_anna August 20, 2004
A heavly armored infantry man, mostly ride on horses. waepons are: Javelin, Long Sword, Broad Sword, Bastard Sword, Long Bow
only idiots think it has to do with dragons!
by private October 30, 2003
a group of people in neon orange playing soccer that shit all over everyone else
The Dragoons
by The Dragoon January 11, 2010

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