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1. A strong and noble warrior with a lance and blue armor that can jump on people. (Final Fantasy)
2. A unit made when a dead zealot's body is placed in the cold shell of a dragoon so the zealot can live again. A privelage only given to great warriors. (Starcraft)
3. A human with a dragon spirit (D. Spirit) recieved by defeating the dragon and/or earning it. Can only be used by destined people. Allows the human to transform into a human-dragoon hybrid. (Legend of Dragoon)
1. Black Mage: Bolt 3! Dragoon: Jump!
2. Zealot: My life for Aiur! Dragoon: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, *phoom!*
3. Dart (Dragoon): Flaaaaame.... SHOT! Rose: Die! More and more!
by Zackarotto September 10, 2003
To turn something into total shit.
Cardcaptor Sakura was considered an excellent anime by many, but when Sakura and everyone else was Americanized, several fans committed seppuku, even though they weren't worth it.
by Zackarotto June 22, 2004
The coolest type of onomatopoeias ever. They rarely ever sound accurate, which is cool.

See also: Japanese, Onomatopoeia
"Wan wan" -Dog barking
"Pocha Pocha" -Splashing
by Zackarotto May 04, 2004

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