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A text based game owned and operated by the Simutronics corporation. The game is played by "scripting" your characters while not actually watching them. It is rumored that sometimes, when nobody is looking, scripted characters come to life and have conversations with each other, having developed some sort of rudimentary A.I.
"Though the owner of Prescious married and stopped playing long ago, the character has continued to amass wealth, and has even gone so far as to purchase other characters to expand her empire."
by Zeltaen May 04, 2005
A text-based game that often attracts forty-five year old female drama queens that reportedly weigh over two thousand pounds.
Ahnoui whispers, "look, you stupid cunt, he's my friend and not yours. if you don't back off, i'm going to report you to the gamemasters for OOC harassment."

^ Plays Dragonrealms and weighs over two thousand pounds.
#dragonrealms #simutronics #drama queens #people that should be shot in the face
by Kourin September 15, 2007
Dragonrealms is an online text-based fantasy game set in a world curiously devoid of dragons. The player base consists of older players that can’t let go of the past and younger players that can’t afford graphics cards.
WTF, WoW is down? I'm going to log in to Dragonrealms and shoot some n00bs.

* Walmart was just struck down!

#dragonrealms #simutronics #elanthia #wow #mormons
by Scillo September 25, 2005
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