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The renowned trader Ahnoui Rawr was formerly known as Kaishae, a prydaen empath famous for dry humping the deceased, giggling often and tickling people with her tail. Upon joining SmellyCat, Kaishae quickly trashed what little reputation she had left, deleted her SmellyCat account and started anew as "fromwork". She bought the trader Ahnoui and turned over a new leaf.

The player of Ahnoui is well known for writing 1000+ word essays in response to simple questions such as "Where can I purchase a rucksack?" and "Can I have your AIM?". She flatly refuses to share her photo with anyone, leading most to believe she has many chins and perhaps even cankles.
Partial log of Kaishae/Ahnoui performing the "Dance of the Scorpion"

(Kaishae stands and walks towards you, her gaze holding your's, she stradles your lap and twines her fingers in your hair before yanking your head back and dragging her tongue up your neck.)

(Kaishae caresses your chest, distracting you, til you feel the pierce of her canines in your neck, Soft whimpers escape her as she feeds gently.)
by Miranda K.M. April 21, 2008
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