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When waking up with morning glory and going for a piss. And the piss goes all over the place except in the bowl.
"fuck man, who pissed all over the seat?"
"ah that was me, not my fault tho. dragon dick."
by Travity May 21, 2009
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An unusually large dick, much larger than that of a dragoncock, generally found on Irish/Scottish men, also on men named Rory R-G.
"Last night, he fucked me so hard with his dragondick I almost died of pleasure."
by Hate88 March 28, 2008
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A big fat cock that has the ability to eat people.
Andrew's dragon dick ate that pussy.
by Andrew Fucking Ho$@$% April 21, 2006
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1) A penis that breathes fire or throws flames from its hole

2) When a human being has an actual dragon for a cock. Piss is shot out of the dragon's mouth.

3) The cock of a dragon.
Vladimir: Hey Geoff, check out my cock, its doing some weird shit.

Geoff: Holy shit bro, that thing has red flames coming out of it. You've got a dragon dick.


"I'm so embarassed to change in the lockerroom after Yoga since i have this gross, scaley dragon dick hanging off the front of me"
by Jesus Prairie Dogg December 29, 2009
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A dick that that is generally good enough to attract women yet. Sadly the stinging when he pees means women arent the only thing its attracted. He has an std...
Her:i think i gave you dragon dick ... you might wanna get tested

Her:i had an std and we had sex go get tested

Him: whats your name again?! I got the test. And thanks for the std. You should of told me before we did this ...
Her:well i didnt know sorry dude but hope your dragon dick gets better!
by Boujeemermaid100 March 03, 2017
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