a player in the gaming world that will purposely let there rank go down to make other think there not as good as they really are.
A: dude i was playen DOA and got my ass handed to be by a D+ rank.
B: dude you fought a downgrader, samething happened to me.
by xlostseraphx September 26, 2006
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When someone goes from having something relitively good to something that is worse than the original. Often used with boyfriend/girlfriends.
Guy 1: Dude My car is in the shop for a week.
Guy 2: What are you driving now?
Guy 1: Saturn Vue
Guy 2: Downgrade!!!
by Novi October 19, 2005
When user is annoyed with Windows Vista performance and he reinstalls Windows XP in order that would his computer work properly.
A:Dude my Vista works 2 slow; can't even play minesweeper without lag...
B:Downgrade it then, XP ftw!
by Urban K February 15, 2008
When you break your cellular devise and have to use your old one until you get an upgrade and can have another one for free.
Person 1: Dude! I dropped my phone in the toilet and it broke!
Person 2: When's your next upgrade?
Person 1: In like a year!
Person 2: Dude, unless you want to buy a new phone for full price you're going to have to downgrade!
Person 1: *cries on person 2's shoulder*
by A sad sad person August 06, 2010

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