When you go to open a door, and either it is locked and won't open, or it is a door with a bar and you push on the wrong side of the door and it won't open for you. Like getting Owned by a door.
*Guy goes for one of two doors and pulls the door that is locked*

by Daniel Novak August 27, 2008
Top Definition
In prison, in the pen, ...in the BIG house.
One biker to another: Hey, my Bro is downed. Da' man 'done got his hans' on 'im without no cause man! So we gotta' git' him outta 'da slammer before he rots in 'ere.
by RoadRunner April 23, 2008
Ingesting something quickly. A synonym for gulped, swallowed, tore up.
"Damn she must be hungry. She downed my popcorn and hers in like three seconds"
by MissDimplz January 24, 2005
When ever you get in a last stand like state in Call of Duty.
(Playing zombies on Black Ops) Player 1: Hey go knife those zombies.

Player 2: Alright. (Player 2 gets hit twice) Ah shit dude. Im downed, come revive me.
by altairxxvii February 02, 2011
Usually used in BF2

See Owned or Pwned

Downed mean the same, most people say it when they take out heli's in BF2. I can be used anywhere anytime and mean you were beat and it was a good shot.
Playa: .....
Playa2: Come on!
Playa SVD Playa2
Playa: DOWNED!


Heliguy: I am gonna kill you...
Stingerguy: No watch this...
Stingerguy: LOL, DOWNED!
Heliguy: WOW! Downed!
by Scorein October 03, 2005
An adjective used to describe a person who has down's syndrome
"that chick is dumb as shit, i think she might be downed." or: "Dude, are you downed?"
by bhaaat July 17, 2008
Downloaded, a word related to computers. To install something onto your hardisk.
I downed this sweet stuff yesterday!
by www.blingblingx.da.ru February 29, 2004
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