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One who listens in on others without getting caught. A true ear hustler does not let everyone know that he has heard what he heard, and retains the information for future references.
Tammy, a true ear hustler, knew everything about everybody.
by MissDimplz January 24, 2005
To get embarrassed in a football game, similarly to the way Randy Moss embarrasses his opponents
"RJ, #24 just got Moss'd by #30"
by MissDimplz January 26, 2005
A popular t.v show involving an impoverished black family, the Evans
"Damn, Damn, Damn"
-Florida Evans when James Died
by MissDimplz February 04, 2005
Having sexual intercourse while a girl is on her period
"Jamie I'm on my period"
"It dont matter to me baby lets just do da damn thang"
by MissDimplz February 04, 2005
A combined state of "Scraight" and "Gravy" that describes a state of complacency with an air of nonchalance.
"How'd your math test go son?"
"Momz chill, everything was scravy"
by MissDimplz January 24, 2005
Ingesting something quickly. A synonym for gulped, swallowed, tore up.
"Damn she must be hungry. She downed my popcorn and hers in like three seconds"
by MissDimplz January 24, 2005
A White person's prononciation of the word "cool" Where the two o's are made to sound like "ew". As opposed to the correct way to say it, which sounds similar to the word "coo"
"Dude, that skateboard trick was so fucking cool"
by MissDimplz January 26, 2005

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