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A huge piece of feces that is unusually large, smells horrible, and generally appears after a large feast at a Mexican restaurant.
Craig: John, you ass, you clogged the toilet again!
John: Sorry, I let loose a couple dowlers after I went to Monterrey last night.
by Drewnina March 03, 2009
just another way (my way) of pronouncing "dollar".
hey wendy, you got 5 dowlers i can borrow?
by jtwanger May 26, 2010
A name for a person who makes up inconceivable stories to make themselves look good because they are narcissistic.

A habitual or pathological fabulist who yearns to be the main focal point during a conversation with one or more people.
Mark says, "Oh look, here comes Dowler". Dowler Says, "You're not going to believe this, I just made it rain at the strip club". "Right after, I jumped out of a plane, that caught fire, because I was smoking, even after she said put it out".
by dowler June 23, 2014