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A huge piece of feces that is unusually large, smells horrible, and generally appears after a large feast at a Mexican restaurant.
Craig: John, you ass, you clogged the toilet again!
John: Sorry, I let loose a couple dowlers after I went to Monterrey last night.
by Drewnina March 03, 2009
The Wizarding world's equivalent of white trash. Wizard Trash refers to any group of low class, poor, and generally inbred pure-blood wizards who live in the slummy outskirts of Muggle societies.

Cecilia: My God, what an eyesore! Can't your father have those people evicted, Tom?

Tom Riddle Sr: That shack isn't ours. It belongs to a Wizard Trash family named the Gaunts. Don't look at them, Cecilia, darling.
by Drewnina March 29, 2009
Any guy who is extraordinarily good looking, nice, wealthy, good with kids, and basically perfect in every way yet is somehow mysteriously single. Subject may frequent gay bars and shopping malls under the guise of going with his "girl friends," but these homosexual activities are actually the high point of his existence. May also exhibit an unusual closeness to his mother.
Eustina: I'm really into Brad but everytime I hang out with him always wants to go shopping or hang out at Scorpio. Do you think he's just not in to me?
Carlette: No, I think he's too gay to be true.

Fran: I've been making hella eye contact with Fabio for the past week at Hollister. He's got such a good sense of fashion and is always so sweet when his mother calls.
Betty: Is he good looking?
Fran: Yes, and mysteriously single.
Betty: Well he's obviously too gay to be true!
by Drewnina November 01, 2009

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