having characteristics or traits similar to jacob. in other words. acting like a total and complete douche bag.
aj, your EX boyfriend jacob is really douchey.
by anti-douchey August 06, 2009
Used to describe dogs not of black and white color.
The brown Labrador has douchey style.
by johnste May 24, 2008
A name given to a girl (usually) who does not think for herself and has the need to copy everything everyone else does. Totally does not have her own life. Lies like a maple.
She is so douchey, she should get her own life. Why does she keep following me around?
by seriouslyonlyme April 12, 2009
Douchey = an obnoxious broad - a douche-bag ! Douche-bags tend to be very douchey. Many doucheys are very ugly - I bet many of them are closet Lesbians who hate men. Most of these broads have very few manners, yet alone any class.

Most of these broads are tough - they dont take alot of shit from anyone, yet they can unload alot of shit on anyone they so choose.

An accurate description of a douchey - a douche bag broad with balls !
One of my former managers was a real douchey - an arogant, obnoxious & pushy douche-bag boss.
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006

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