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someone who is simultaneously a dufus and a douche bag. This type of person tends to be stupid, poor decision makers, usually drunk, yet overly cocky, insincere, conceited, often lacking talent, intelligence or skill. Some are trust fund babies, brags about having money, possessions yet did nothing to acquire the wealth they have

a stupid jerk
The drunk frat boy was such a douchefus when he screwed his best friends girlfriend.
by RazMutant April 10, 2009
Like kung-fu only douchier.
"Allie was practicing black belt douche-fu tonight at my party.
by JASCAF July 25, 2011
A combination of Douch And Doofus.
What's wrong with that guy? He's a douchefus, man.
by eriuqsnahtan June 23, 2011
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