When one person says he likes someone so he can get some from her for that night.
Trevin comited douchebagery last night again
by josh54457 May 11, 2006
The act of being somewhat similar to Ryan Seacrest.
OMG, you're douchebagery makes me wonder if you have any REAL talent or God just sent you to be a big ass pussy on live television.
by Naomi N. Debuut May 30, 2007
The medical term to describe and or diagnose the mental and compulsive behavior of someone with outstanding 'asshole' like attitude.
Such person usually realizes, yet continues to make fale conclutions of their own illness.
A cure of Douchbagery has not yet been found, but reasearch labs are in the process of such cure.
Its not your fault, its the Douchebagery!
by alpclip October 09, 2010
The regular practice of being a douchebag.
Wow Jeff is a total jerk...he's a master of douchebagery.
by Txgal May 10, 2016
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