a drink commonly drank by lame-ass wiggers and/or jews
"Did you see what that Jew did? He must have been sippin' some douchejuice last night."
by Fritz Inc. May 05, 2008
Top Definition
a blend of 50% vinegar, 50% water that women use to douche themselves.
"helen could you mix me some douchejuice? i love the way you brew that shit"
by peteypablo204 December 04, 2009
Someone so worse that a douche bag that they are the juice of the douche.
I can't believe that this guy tries to fight every person that says hi to his girlfriend. He's totally a douche juice.
by Ms. P December 18, 2008
1) The liquid that accompanies a douche bag.
2) An alternate way to call someone a douche bag. The insulter simply implies that the insultee has consumed the douche bag liquid.
Bobby Evans: Pancake cock.
Luis: You're full of douche juice, fag.
by HugeBreasticle April 02, 2005
To act like a douche once alcohol is involved. Alcohol related douchiness.
What's that girls problem? Is she on a douche juice only diet?
by Eazy E Feen March 24, 2011
Its Worse then being a douche bag and even worse then being a douche nozzle
I hate that douche juice

Why does james have to be fucken douche juice
by MerCoots April 16, 2008
A person with such indescribable idiocy and arrogance, who has such an intolerable personality that they rank highest on the douche scale.
Mitt Romney is Douche Juice!
by MrsTall November 06, 2012

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