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n. 1). A person who best exemplifies the qualities of a douche bag and a cock - cock waste.
n. 2). A fucking moron, asshole.
"Why did you click submit on my online college application you fucking douche cock," Apollo explained.
by Jrex February 26, 2005
1.someone who is a complete asshole
2.a person who no1 likes
person 1: my teacher kicked me out of class again
person 2: yea hes a total douche cock
by schoetyme May 12, 2008
A person who is not only a douchebag but is cocky and arrogant also. These are those people that evereyone hates because they are peter puffers. These skig-skagbougieass bitches have an incredible ability to piss of large amounts of people. Usually are or are associated with Fucktards.
Wes Jerman is a douchecock!!!!!
OHHH SHIT!!! I'M Surrounded by douchecocks and fucktards!!!!!
90% of people named Wes or Steven in Northern Virginia are douchecocks or fucktards
a derogatory term used to express great disgust for another person who is, in fact, a waste of life.
1. Jason is a douchecock
2. Jason, stop playing CS...ur being such a douchecock.
3. Did u just say douchecock?!?
by yo motha March 05, 2005
a very big faggot
Henry Plager
A Big Dumbass
Henry Plager
Henry Plager is such a douche cock. He is such a big dumbass.
by Nolan Snyder January 20, 2006
A self centered person who thinks they are superior to everyone else.

tells endless boring stories that usually start with "This one time..."

wears sunglasses on the back of your head

complete tool
Person one : I unfortunately ran into this guy who told me all these pointless stories about how great he is.

Person two : Wow, what a douche cock.
by Ripper47 May 01, 2010
What Jeff Rosenstock considers Matt Wixson.
Matt Wixson is a douchecock, although it's not wise to offend him like I did.
by Troy August 26, 2008

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