a double nickel is a chick who is only a five, but because of makeup or just because she is famous is considered to be a ten
man thats bullshit miley cyrus is number 1 on maxim the only reason she is considered a ten is because she is famous that bitch is a double nickel.

dude i took home this bitch last night and had a few drinks so she looked like a ten, but when i woke up in the morning and seen her without makeup i realized that bitch is a double nickel.
by antpimp July 22, 2013
Top Definition
N. Fifty-five miles per hour, origins in CB radio slang.
Speed limit comin' up is double nickel, my cornflake friend.
by Digs July 13, 2004
The amount of points Michael Jordan dropped on the Knicks the year he came back!
MJ just came back and dropped a double nickel of those sad Knicks!
by crooks October 17, 2005
Being fifty five 55 years old.
Pete just hit double nickel, he can retire early now.
by vamnews October 23, 2005
n. Interstate Highway 55 (I-55) as it is called in some parts of the southern United States.
The double nickel follows a route from Chicago to New Orleans.
by Richard Black October 17, 2005
Traveling at 55 M.P.H.
I was rollin double nickel on I-94 thru Milwaukee
by Jim May 06, 2008
Someone who is 55 years of age
He hit his double nickel this year.
by Cody H S. October 17, 2005
Senior citizen (over 55).
David's almost a double nickel -- he's been getting junk mail from those AARP political hacks for years!

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