a double nickel is a chick who is only a five, but because of makeup or just because she is famous is considered to be a ten
man thats bullshit miley cyrus is number 1 on maxim the only reason she is considered a ten is because she is famous that bitch is a double nickel.

dude i took home this bitch last night and had a few drinks so she looked like a ten, but when i woke up in the morning and seen her without makeup i realized that bitch is a double nickel.
by antpimp July 22, 2013
Denotes Interstate 55. I-55 terminates in Louisiana
-- In which Master-P, T-Smith, and others used the term "Double Nickel" when referring to drug deals around an in Mississippi and Louisiana.
I am rolling up the Double Nickel to Jackson to work a deal!

Scott cheated on his wife again in a cheap hotel off the Double Nickel.
by Biatch551 October 17, 2005
To drive 55 miles per hour.
The speed limit through town is double nickel.
by SAgent October 15, 2005

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