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The ability to smoke two marijuana cigarettes at the same time. If done correctly, you won't remember you smoked either.
Johnny likes to show all the girls he is double-jointed. Go green!
by Sean McInerney January 15, 2004
A smoking circle in which two joints are in rotation.
I bought some rolling papers last night, had friends over and made a double-jointed circle.
by Pantheon__ October 12, 2011
A sex position consisting of boy on bottom and girl riding on top - both the boy and girl are smoking a joint thus, Double Jointed.
"i seriously can't wait to try Double Jointed with him"

"dude ya, it's sooo great getting high and having sex AT THE SAME TIME!"
by stonermike420breh August 03, 2011
An expression for a person being bisexual.
She bends both ways sexually. They call her double jointed for liking both men and women romantically.
by moondance5 December 18, 2012
When two people are smoking on the their own individual Joints
We had a Double Jointed Session and it was awesome!
by Tiny Nips August 15, 2011

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