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An individual who is obsessed with his/her Facebook page. An abbreviation for a Facebook Faggot.
Ian read my comment on Facebook and then commented back within 5 minutes, proving he's a double F.
by Sam Masta December 25, 2011
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Basically stands for FAKE FAGGOT. A guy who acts gay to get overwhelmingly amounts of pussy.

Note: The pussy that Double F's attract do not find him attractive. They find him as a cute teddy bear.
I hate (insert name) so much. He's a fucking Double F. He needs to get a fucking life.
by pussyhunter00000 December 23, 2010
It's simple
Double F = Fuck Fest
(in school)
Shawn says "Hey everybody Double F at my house tonight!"
(teacher)Take a seat Shawn.
by August 10, 2005

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