Double Damn: When a female expresses interest in an attractive male by exclaiming "Damn!" , followed by the female's female friend repeating said action.
A very muscular man is jogging down the street, shirtless and sweaty. Two female friends notice him and yell out respectively and at two separate times, "damn!". This is an example of a Double Damn.
by Wildcat girls March 16, 2012
Top Definition
Where you see a beautiful woman from behind and you think to yourself...
"Daammnn.... >=D"
Then she turns around and you think...
"DAMN!!!! DX"
"Jake and I saw this Girl at walmart she was the worst case of Double Damn! the hottest thing I ever saw, we were both like "damn" But then she turned around and it was so fucking scary it was like "DAMN!!!"
by Bree-ish August 04, 2006
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