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Eastenders sexiest female character
"Lend us a fiver grandad, i'm gonna nip to the minute mart and buy dot cotton a pack of 10"
by graceface July 19, 2005
A cigarette smoked down an inch or more, but with all of the ash still intact, as smoked by character Dot Cotton in British soap, Eastenders.
A cigarette, thus smoked, is a "Dot Cotton".
by ynotthen February 19, 2009
To begin to defecate whilst still wearing ones underwear.To leave a tell-tale mark in ones pants
If I dont get to the shithouse soon I'm gonna Dot Cotton.
by Andy Wright July 23, 2003
Dot Cottons Mouth

The Gary Glitter, the nick, the tradesmans, the anus, the nipsy
"Yeeeeoooooouch" howled Tarquin as the saddle came off his bike as he sat down.
"That bloody metal pole stabbed me right in Dot Cottons Mouth!"
by Brandist September 29, 2006
To sit in a hot tub or bath for a long time so you hands go wrinkly, then you masturbate with one of your wrinkly hands.
I'm just off for a Dot Cotton or I'll give you a Dot Cotton
by Quatchi March 11, 2009
Manx rhyming slang for rotton. A female with an unattractive, repulsive appearance.
That bird you pulled last night was dot cotton!
by Manx bloke September 02, 2006
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