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A small town in Surrey, full of white middle class wannabe chavs who think they are gangsters and sit on benches shouting lewd things at passing teenage girls. Also populated by lots of old people who like to complain about everything and anything, such as kids talking in the park, and rich obnoxious middle aged churchgoers. Everyone seems to know each other, and if you talk to someone once, they are guaranteed to be your friends cousins sister or something along those lines. It does however have a lot of pubs and a giant silver cockerel on the roundabout - and why would anyone pass up the opportunity to see a giant cock?
I went down to dorking and got spat on by a twelve year old chav whose grandma then berated me for talking too loudly in the street.
by PCCTDF April 16, 2009
88 43
1- roleplaying
2- any activity generally classified as uncool or dorky
3- engaging in any activity for which one might be considered a dork
We're gonna be DORKING over a Steve's house friday night. You in?

Yeah, I'd love to get out to a club tonight, but my boyfriend is busy DORKING with his stupid friends.
by IRONSWORD1 November 24, 2004
40 25
In online chess during a time scramble, the making of moves that forces your opponent to use up valuable seconds parrying strange, unexpected, and empty threats. You might use up all your pieces with mindless sac checks, or attack with your king.
1) I set out to dork him from the start. however, had i slowed down I might have made something of that middle game.

2) I gave that WGM a supreme dorking last night!
by e123h September 18, 2011
11 3
It's a term used for the actual conversation taking place between computer nerds.
Stop Dorking with your friends John!
by Confused Dad January 18, 2014
2 0
Video Games:
When one is 'dorking' a game, he/she is playing for extensive periods of time in order to achieve a goal, status, or rank.
1: Dude, you're only a level 2.
-- Two days later --
2: I'm up to 54.
1: Wow! You must've been dorking it!
by 2wiSteD July 12, 2008
4 8
Used in conjuntion with the sport of snowboarding. The process by which an unexperienced snowboarder finds himself unable to traverse the slope correctly, and must slide down horizontally, facing down the slope without turning, thus "dorking" the run. This rubs off powder and moguls enjoyed by qualified boarders and skiers.
Look at those two dorking the run.
by JP December 11, 2003
15 20
just hanging out,not really doing anything,zoning
i had the day off so i wasjust dorking
by mokus July 27, 2003
14 27