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Adj. dubl-yew-gee-em

Stands for: Wanna Get Married

Aside from its literal definition, WGM also epitomizes any activities or behaviors associated with pursuing marital relations. This term is generally employed to describe individuals who feign maturity for the public eye.

The term was coined by Lauren K and Chloe B and introduced to mainstream society by the "Bristies".


Person 1: I'm going to Vs1 to get my hair done.
Person 2: For woht.

Person 1: I'm going to temple tomorrow.
Person 2: So? You're so WGM.
by Bristie January 23, 2013
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World Gone Mad.

Seen typically printed on A BATHING APE gear, abbreviated as WGM, but spelled out sometimes too.
Tim: Did you see that new bape hoodie?

Eric: Oh ye, dog. I love that shit.

Tim: Oh, indeed it has that classic WGM on the side of the fucking head.

Eric: WGM?

Tim: Yea, nigga--world gone mad, son.
by Phaurel Wullums December 19, 2013

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