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Often used interchangeably with nerd or geek.
Dorks are typically more noted for their quirky personality and behavior rather than their interests or IQ which may or may not be on level with traditional geeks or nerds. They tend to be more humorous and extroverted and don't mind laughing at themselves or with others at themselves, as the case may be.
After the 1990s, the term dork tended to specifically refer to a person who often shared the characteristics of geeks or nerds but were not ostracized as a result. Also, while old school geeks and nerds tend to continue to accept an "outsider" status and maintain an elite club mentality amongst themselves, dorks generally tend to do the opposite, hence a current preference with the mainstream for dorks over geeks or nerds.
He may a dork but he is fun to be around.
by Daywalker March 17, 2005
A dork is someone who can be themselves and is totally care free. They are occasionaly silly people, and are generally really funny. Jade, Kirsty,P and Holly are dorks cause dey is de cool peepol.
Jade: hey kirsty you're such a dork.
Kirsty: dorks are cool.
P: we iz de cool guyz man
Holly: dorks are de bomb
by ashlovesme July 28, 2014
While driving to the airport today with my 70 year old uncle, he made me aware that back in his day, dork meant penis, but has since been replaced by the word dick.

So if some super old guy calls you a dork, its not as harmless of an insult as you think.
80 year old guy, "all of the kids these days that play flag football instead of tackle football are dorks."

Kid, "Man, the old guy just called me a penis"
by Big Hankie December 21, 2013
A penis.
He has a huge dork.
by Anon78 October 28, 2013
A closet nerd. A nerd, who appears and acts normal under most circumstances.
Wow, I never knew he was such a dork!
by Spiffyjr May 02, 2004
A dork actually means goddess
You are a dork
by trimedandpolished January 31, 2010
A person who has odd interests
My boyfriend, Anthony, is the biggest dork.
by gabbiel April 13, 2008