A dork is someone who can be themselves and is totally care free. They are occasionaly silly people, and are generally really funny. Jade, Kirsty,P and Holly are dorks cause dey is de cool peepol.
Jade: hey kirsty you're such a dork.
Kirsty: dorks are cool.
P: we iz de cool guyz man
Holly: dorks are de bomb
by ashlovesme July 28, 2014
Someone named Sebastian ✨
You're such a dork 💁🏼
by ImSoAwesome August 27, 2015
Is a person who shows traits of AWESOMENESS and extreme KEWLNESS .
Guy- If I cut my hair I will get a girlfriend, I just know G
Girl -Your such a dork.
by truestandork March 06, 2015
1. Whale penis

2. Either people who play MMO's, or people who wear thick-rimmed glasses
1. You are such dorks/You are such whale penises

2. George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse
by Xtreme2252 September 15, 2009
Someone who is too far ahead of or too far behind the times. Someone who has a preoccupation with something that others don't care much about.
a dork is someone who wears high socks with sneakers and shorts with pasty white sunscreen on their face and a wide-brim sunhat.
by Yobi September 17, 2015
A person who involves themselves in geeky/nerdy activities very seldom and admires geeky/nerdy people, but isn't a geek or nerd themselves.
I have a dorky friend who comes to conventions with me every few years... but I'm a nerd, so I go every year and find every comic con, anime con, you name it. I'm there. But not dorks.. dorks don't do that.. dorks are posers who like to pretend their nerdy and geeky.
by ViscountDevil July 04, 2015
Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. Dork also means whale penis.
You are such a dork.

Have you ever seen a dork?
by urnotjoshdun February 15, 2015

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