D.O.P.E. or DOPE, is an acronym and precision rifle shot placement prediction system used by military snipers, competitive precision rifle shooters and high-speed special-ops types that stands for Data On Previous Engagements. To deliver a precision shot at long range, and on-target, DOPE is a broad term used for the capture and practical application of bullet projectile trajectory data for a given rifle and ammo combination during specific weather and terrain conditions. This data is collected in a book, and/or a handheld computer for future reference so that the shooter in a similar situation knows what the projectile will do. The key data elements collected are elevation, windage and correction settings (a.k.a., “Come-Ups”). DOPE can be "soft" DOPE or "hard" DOPE, and during a practical application, most likely, a combination of both. Electronic generated DOPE from a ballistic computer is considered unverified "soft" DOPE. Once it is verified with a real shot under the current conditions, and any necessary correction is applied, then it becomes "hard" DOPE. The two types of DOPE are generally used together, since "hard" shot data is only accurate for a given “point-in-time” weather/terrain condition. However, as “hard” data is collected, it is flowed back into the ballistic computer to further refine the computational model to enhance the accuracy of future trajectory predictions.
If a target is at 1000 yards, and assuming for the sake of example, there are no other factors affecting the placement of the shot (there will be). At that range, the shooter’s rifle/projectile combination may drop 390.5 inches therefore, to deliver the shot on-target, the shooter needs to increase/offset the elevation of the shot by adding 390.5 inches of elevation to counteract the projectile’s drop. Before the shot is taken, the projectile drop in inches is converted to a set of correction values used by the telescopic rifle sight, and “dialed” into the optic’s elevation adjustment. If the telescopic rifle sight uses Minutes-of-Angle (MOA) as its measurement system, the shooter will convert inches to MOA thereby, adding 37.3 MOA of D.O.P.E. to the firing solution. A faster, but less accurate method to adjust for drop is for the shooter, to adjust the point-of-aim by “holding-over” the target using a graduated reference point on the telescopic rifle sight’s reticle. Whichever method is employed, the shooter will always reference Data On Previous Engagements (D.O.P.E.) to determine the appropriate correction value.
by Mad Ninja Team via Red Romeo January 13, 2012
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People who do not do drugs call Marajuanna Dope.
People who do Marajuanna call Heroin Dope.
Word has also been used to describe how good somthing is.
Don't you be somkin' dope! ( AKA Marajuanna )

OMG, I smoke the green but I don't do dope ( AKA Heroin )

Man that car is dope!
by Jessen June 30, 2003
1. adj. cool, nice, awesome
2. noun a drug
1. Yo foo that new stereo system is dope!
2. Yo man you got some dope?
by AceyD June 01, 2004
not weed but heroin. only dumbasses call weed dope.
if you shoot dope, you are fucking retarded.
by b-low July 23, 2006
A word that describes something that is extremely cool, such as music, clothes, people, etc.
Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm dressed so fresh so clean...Outkast
by **DrEaMaKeR** May 10, 2005
heroin, not crack, not powder, but heroin. not marijuana, not meth. but heroin. heroin is the only thing that dope could ever be. people who don't know what dope is are people with very sheltered lives.
I snort it, I can't even think of how done my life will be once I start banging the dope.
by dope lover September 12, 2006
Is a "slang" word for Heroin. Since heroin is 'considered' the lowest form of drug addiction.

(& weed is not dope.)

2. Dope; cool, phat, hot or whatever you call it..
1.I just brought $100 worth of dope from some guy on the corner. 2. Those shoes are dope.
by xBabiix January 25, 2005
Slang form of heroine derived from the high dopamine content which is the basis of heroine.
How long you been doin' dat dope, Mr. Charles?
by luigi March 14, 2005
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